Artists like me, who I like, and who I’d like to be :)

Here are some artists that inspire me, have the same style as me, or I aspire to be.  NONE of these photos are mine and I am not trying to infringe on any copyrights, I am merely trying to put together a collection of art I want to surround myself with while I work on this semester’s work.  Artist: charmaine Olivia  Artist: Henry Asencio Artist: Daisy Bones Artist: Marvelyn McFarlane


Painting was on ebay.  Artist: Roni Yoffe


Of course Georgia O’Keefe 🙂



Venus of Willendorf Artist: Barbara Kee


A cool site I found in the process of looking for artists:


Who am I as an artist?

Who am I as an artist?  I feel all this energy inside me that I need to expel in some creative way.  My blog used to say “from the soul to the canvas.”  I FEEL that.  I feel that my sense of “spirituality” is very natural and a lot of that comes from my aunt.  Without her I would never have been introduced to my culture and heritage, to my addiction to nature… to the pull that I feel I need to be part of.  The forms, subjects, and emotion in my art are representations of the pull I feel to express my connection with the world around me.  After racking my brain over this since class let out on Tuesday, I think I’ve come up with “What my art is about”.  Threw out some questions and ideas to friends and family over facebook, asked them to help find a pattern through my work; the most common themes were spirituality, femininity, and nature.  I’d like to combine the three through sculpture, photography, and painting.  I’ve gone back and looked at past work I’ve done, thought about things I want to do, and taken in to account some projects I have to do for other classes and this seems to be a good route to go that would inspire new work and could incorporate some older works.

Portfolio Brainstorming.

I did some brainstorming today.  About my theme, about how I want to present that theme through my work, and how I can sell it to my portfolio class.  I’ve selected a couple pieces that I feel really represent where I want to go this semester.


I need 8-10 pieces for the class.  Ideas so far:

Photograph: (1)My “idea” for my black rock photoshoot is to have a strong, spiritual, native woman (really hoping my aunt Sheilah Honaker would want to participate) sitting on a chair dressed in now-a-day garb and feathers in her hair.  Sitting, staring out at the vast empty landscape.  Behind her, an African inspired woman (Jenee Murray) standing to the side, but slightly behind out of respect for her elder.  Holding a staff and displaying strength in her pose and facial expression.  Hoping to find one more female (looking for a paler skinned younger female hopefully with tattoos) that will be slightly crouched, scouring the horizon.  At least that to me screams strong fucking females but mixing their roots with today’s culture. (to portray strength)

(2) Still working on

(3) Still working on


Paintings: 3-5 vaginas (to portray femininity and possibly strength/passion)


Sculpture: 2-4 goddess sculptures (for spirituality and femininity), 3-6 dream catchers (spirituality)


I’m hoping that this translates well and is well received by the class.  I’m feeling very passionate about this.  I am really looking for your participation… to bounce ideas off of you… please tell me if you think my ideas are silly/lame/trite/not worth it… I do NOT want to put effort into SHIT… I want to put effort into art that has meaning, that people can relate to, that people feel inspired by.


Week 1 synopsis

Ok, synopsis of the week:

Portfolio will be a soul searching, intimidating ride that will be educational, a great growing experience, as well as a huge hurdle for me to climb.  I need to pick apart my work, discover what I’m REALLY good at, and display it for the world to see.  This will require brain wracking, finances, as well as support from friends and family.  I’m both looking forward to the class but also terrified.

Art in Film will be a really cool class… analyzing why a director chose certain things to tell a story beyond the direct message.  Although, I don’t have a lot of the same background knowledge that some of the other students seem to have to make the connections… I’m hoping that I will catch on.

Women in Art is interesting but each assignment requires a full page response… I’m hoping I can find enough to say in the class.

Anthropology will actually fit in nicely with my theme (currently I’m looking at spirituality) because the class is a culture class.  It seems to be pretty easy and will be a nice cushion.

Ceramics I will use to create work for Portfolio, another cushion class.

Photography will require a lot of work, materials, and money… but because we have to put so much work into producing the photographs I think I will appreciate them a lot more and they will feel more like art.  I’m hoping that I can tailor the photographs to fit into my portfolio.


It will be very important for me to keep on track, attend all classes, and keep up on posts on Canvas/hw.  It seems doable if I am able to keep the momentum and motivation up.  Here’s to an intense/possibly hermiting semester that will enhance my art and mold me into who I am suppose to be.  Thank you to everyone that has helped me over the years and the support I’ve received.  I am my biggest critic and I don’t always believe in myself.  But I will get there.